Airport Center
Commercial Suites

Prime Location - Ample Parking - Affordable Rentals - Abundant Foot Traffic

Do your customers come to you, or do you go to your customers?  Do you have employees?  Do you need a high traffic location?  The management of Airport Center has provided some information in relation to the top questions that business owners face when choosing a location.

Near major roads and freeways: Airport Center is located approximately ¼ mile south of the Route 50/Route 8 overpass.  Our presence as one of the only commercial entities for those that live south on Route 8 allows for tremendous exposure and a convenient location.  We are not in some secluded location in a far removed strip mall nor are we located at some dead end. Hands Down, Airport Center is Kent Island’s most desirable commercial location. When our customers drive from Annapolis, Baltimore or Washington D.C. directions are very easy.  All you have to tell a customer is, “Just head over the Bay Bridge, take your first right and we are located a few hundred yards on the left”. Travel times are roughly 15 minutes to Annapolis, 30 minutes to Baltimore and 45 minutes to Washington D.C.

Near busy streets with high traffic volume: Commercial offices often mention the traffic volume in term of Cars Per Day (CPD).  More traffic means more exposure of your businesses to more potential customers. Let’s face it, this is free advertising to your customers. The southern section of Route 8 is one of the most traveled arteries on Kent Island and Airport Center sees approximately 17,300 CPD. Other commercial locations may boast higher volumes but honestly, traveling down route 50 and looking a half mile across a field is hardly real exposure. Pound for pound, Airport Center gives you more bang for your buck than any location on Kent Island.

Near anchored tenants: In our case, anchored tenants are our customers. Route 8 has one way in and one way out and you MUST pass by to go to work or home.  Simply said, our community is our tenant.

At an intersection: This will give the property more visibility.  Airport Center is located at the foot of the Route 8 overpass that stretches over Route 50. In between is the Pier One traffic light.  This intersection gives people the opportunity to stop and see the space first hand.

Neighboring amenities: Directly across from the Bay Bridge Airport. Additionally, residential construction is increasing behind our location.

Easy to make left turn: The property should have ease of ingress and egress.  Airport Center is one simple left or right turn.

Easy to find a parking space: People don't like to go to a place where they cannot find parking spaces.  Commercial property must have at least 1 parking space per 1000 square foot of leasable space.  It's more desirable to have 4-6 parking spaces per 1000 SF. The width of parking space is also important.  Who wants a ding on the door after they leave your business?  We have a tremendous amount of parking with wide spots and handicap access.

Signage: Signage is an important part of a commercial property. Customers often look for the name of the business rather than the street address. A large and tall monument sign in front of the property with the names of the businesses in the property is always desirable. Our signage is impressive as each tenant receives space for advertising. This all depends upon the size of your business but we will work with you to determine your needs.

Able to attract and retain tenants: Your customers will look for a building and neighborhood that are appealing.  We have spent time and money over the past 6 months transforming Airport Center into a visualy dynamic commercial property. Just stop by and see for yourself.

In a stable or growing area: Kent Island is growing and the neighborhoods along Route 8 have seen tremendous growth over the past 15 years. This area has one of the highest growth rates on the Eastern Shore.  Additionally, while the economy has been experiencing turmoil, this section of Route 8 has seen some of the fewest foreclosure rates. What does this mean to businesses?  It means the 17,300 estimated CPD are driven by stable consumers.

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